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5 TED Talks On Music And Creativity

Get inspired!

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I'm not going to lie, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with TED talks. I even set aside TED-talk-time every day for a month because I looooove learning new things and being inspired.

So in that spirit, I decided to curate my own little TED playlist for you guys. I included a few "classics" you've probably seen, but I spent some time finding some newer talks I think will be relevant to all you songwriters and creatives out there.

So go watch, and be inspired! :)

1. The Art Of Asking - Amanda Palmer

When I first watched Amanda Palmer's Ted talk a few years ago, it really inspired me to not be afraid of "asking." As artists, our relationship with our audience should be strong enough that our "fans" WANT to help and us, and we need to give them that chance. There is absolutely nothing shameful in asking because you ARE giving value in return.

2. The Surprising Habits Of Original Thinkers -Adam Grant

Adam Grant's TED talk is a really interesting study of creative people - their habits of procrastination, doubt, and not being afraid of failure. He brings up a really interesting comparison of composers and how more prolific composers were more likely to become well-known.

3. The Unexpected Beauty Of Everyday Sounds -Meklit Hadero

In this TED talk, singer-songwriter Meklit Hadero talks about how music is already present in natural sounds, such as bird sounds and the natural inflection of speech. She explains how these sounds inspire music in her. It's such a cool concept to take everyday sounds like pots and pans and turn them into a piece of music. I think you'll find her talk really inspiring.

4. How Sampling Transformed Music - Mark Ronson

Not only does Mark Ronson show off his mad sampling skills in this TED talk, but he also goes into the history of the most popular sample of all time, "la da di da di." Sampling, when done well, is a fresh reinvention of old ideas that connects new song to the history of the sample.

5. Do Schools Kill Creativity? - Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson's TED talk has been around for a while, but it's one of my favorites. Even though it's focused on the education system, it's an interesting talk for creatives nonetheless. Ken argues that a lot of us have been conditioned by our education system to think and act a certain way, which is actually detrimental to creativity.

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